I’ve always been influenced by sport.  I began my Karate career at the age of 11 and competed Nationally and Internationally for approximately 10 years.  I was ranked First in Canada for 10 years and second in North America in Sport Karate.  I attained countless achievements including multiple Grand Championships along-side men, and was inducted into the North American Martial Arts Hall of Fame.  While I still train in martial arts (including karate and boxing), I maintain a healthy lifestyle by attending Crossfit and Hip Hop Classes.

I began my academic studies at York University and successfully completed my Specialized Honours BSc in Kinesiology and Health Sciences as well as a Diploma in the Sport Therapy Certificate Program, followed by my national certification in the Canadian Athletic Therapists Association.

In September 2000, I began working at Women’s College Hospital in the Sport C.A.R.E. department and began my private home based practice. 

Approximately, twelve years ago, to compliment my clinical practice, I began working with elite women’s hockey and was appointed as the Manager of Player Health and Safety for the Canadian Women’s Hockey League. In addition to treating numerous Olympic level female hockey players, I also oversee all medical aspects of the league until it’s recent closure.  I am also grateful to be the Development Program Medical Liaison for Hockey Canada. 

Last year alone, I attended and represented Hockey Canada, as part of their medical staff, at four camps including an Elite High Performance Camp in Finland (Lead Medical for roughly 120 athletes), and Senior Women’s Camp in Calgary and B.C.

Just recently I have accepted a contract Athletic Therapist position with the Canadian Sport Institute of Ontario to treat elite level athletes and am also an active member of the OATA Research Directory and Committee.

While continuing to build my practice, which includes a roster of approximately  30,000 patients, I completed my diploma as an Osteopathic Manual Practitioner.  My thesis entitled: The Effects of Osteopathic Treatment on the Quality of Life in Patients with Scleroderma and Idiopathic Pulmonary Hypertension, won a prestigious award within the Osteopathic community and was the first of it’s kind to be conducted within a hospital setting (Toronto General Hospital).  In addition, this research appeared as a Poster Presentation at the American Thoracic Society conference in 2008.

Just recently, I completed my Masters of Science in Kinesiology and Health Science at York University.  My thesis was entitled:  The Effects of a Specific Exercise Program on Shoulder Function for Breast Cancer Survivors, 6-9 Post-Mastectomy.  This study was fully affiliated with Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto.



·      Masters of Science

·      Specialized Honours BSc in Kinesiology and Health Sciences

·      Certified Athletic Therapist (C.A.T.(c)

·      Osteopathic Manual Practitioner (D.O.M.P.)

·      Registered Kinesiologist (R.Kine)

·      First Responder

·      Poster Presentation of Osteopathic Research for the Annual American Thoracic Association Society

·      Osteopathic Thesis Award Winner (2009)

·      Former Manager of Player Health and Safety (C.W.H.L.)

·      5th Degree Black Belt, Master Level Practitioner (2015)

·      Pan-Am Games Head Competition Therapist for Karate, Judo, Wrestling, Tae Kwon Do (2015)

·      Former Head Therapist of the Toronto Furies and Brampton Thunder (C.W.H.L.)

·      Current medical and rehabilitative consultant for various organizations (Flynn Canada Ltd., W.S.I.B., Barnmice.com, Oh Baby! Magazine, Northern Karate School, All In One

·      Chosen as one of 8 women in North America to compete at the Arnold Classic in a nationally televised Karate Competition, ESPN (1995)


Completed Manual Therapy Courses:

·      Kidney/Adrenal System

·      External Gynecology

·      Internal Gynecology

·      Heart and Pericardium

·      Autoregulation

·      Digestive System

·      Pathophysiology

·      Hepatic System

·      Respiratory System

·      Small and Large Intestine

·      Upper Cervical Spine

·      Facial Bones

·      Occiput, C1-C2

·      Lymphatics/Pediatrics

·      Temporalmandibular joint: Level 1

·      Lumbar Spine

·      Thoracic Spine

·      Cervical Spine

·      Myofascial Release

·      Strain/Counterstrain

·      General Osteopathic Techniques

·      Pelvis: Level 1

·      Pelvis: Level 2

·      The Knee and Lower Extremity

·      4590.06:  Sport Therapy Seminar

·      3585.03:  Clinical Placement

·      4570.03: Assessment

·      4580.03:  Treatment and Rehabilitation

·      7500.02:  Emergency Care

·      4010.03:  Exercise Physiology

·      3080.03:  Health and Nutrition

·      3460.03:  Human Regional Anatomy

·      4050.03:  Human Regional Anatomy II

·      3450.03:  Athletic Injuries

·      2490.03:  Sport Therapy I

·      3600.03:  Sport Therapy II

·      2070.03:  Human Anatomy and Physiology I

·      3070.03:  Human Anatomy and Physiology



  1. Courtesy of Andrea Cranley Prieur, Pan Am Games 2015

  2. Courtesy of All In One Crossfit Gym

  3. High Performance Camp (Vierumaki, Finland)

  4. Courtesy of Irina Popova, Irina Popova Photography

  5. Courtesy of All In One Crossfit Gym

  6. Hockey Canada Development Camp, 2018

  7. CWHL All Star Game, 2018

  8. Courtesy of All In One Crossfit Gym